Signs That You May Need To Change Doctors

When you visit the doctor, it’s usually because you want your health to get better. Most doctors are qualified and will offer adequate care, but there are others who make risky mistakes that could jeopardize the health and life of patients. No one wants to become the victim of medical malpractice, so it’s important to be aware of warning signs that your doctor may be headed towards committing a grave mistake.


You Just Don’t Feel Comfortable

When you choose a doctor, you have to listen to your gut. A doctor should be attentive and make you comfortable with their presence. If you are belittled, uncomfortable, or just can’t quite point out why it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably time to switch doctors. There is always a chance that your gut is wrong, but with so many different doctors available to you out there, it’s best to pass on someone who doesn’t make you feel comforted. Don’t sacrifice the level of care you should receive by sticking with a doctor that you don’t connect with.


Your Doctor Keeps You Waiting 

There are days when doctors are busy, and something may come up that just isn’t their fault. But are you consistently waiting on your doctor every time you see them? Are you sitting in the waiting room for extended periods of time, especially without explanation? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it’s possible your doctor is not respecting your time or is not able to meet the needs of every patient equally. Doctors can’t be perfect all the time, but consistent lateness may mean your appointment gets rushed, in which oversights and mistakes can happen.


You Leave Not Understanding
As a patient being treated by a doctor, you are entitled to fully understand what is happening with your own health, and what the recommended treatment plan entails. You may want to look elsewhere if your doctor shrugs off your concerns, doesn’t answer your questions, or doesn’t break things down for you to understand. As someone who is seeking advice for a health-related concern, you deserve to have a professional who helps you understand what’s going on and listens to your needs.

You Have To Correct Them

During your appointment, you should not have to keep correcting your doctor about your health details. Is your doctor always forgetting your name? Have they made a mistake with your prescriptions before? Have they slipped up on what they are saying and confused you with another patient? As stated above, no doctor is flawless. They are human at the end of the day, however, this doesn’t mean that your health should suffer because a doctor can’t seem to get it right.


As a medical malpractice attorney from David & Philpot, P.L. has seen, medical malpractice is a serious issue. Statistically, hundreds of thousands of people each year across the nation lose their life because of a doctor’s mistake. Patients are encouraged to learn more about medical malpractice and warning signs that a doctor is not suitable to treat them. By having awareness, more patients can save themselves from grave errors that medical professionals are capable of making.

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