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Employee-Benefits-Lawyer-Dublin-Ohio-Business desk concept - Employee BenefitsWhen a worker is hit hard by injury or illness, their ability to provide for themselves and their families; in which case it may be time to seek an employee benefit lawyer Dublin, Ohio residents trust. In some situations, employees are unable to return to their jobs and careers for months or years. In other cases, they are prevented by disabilities from ever returning.

You need an experienced employee benefits lawyer on your side because the rules can get complicated. There are two different sets of rules depending on whether you obtained your insurance through work or directly from an insurance company. If you get your disability insurance coverage through work, those types of policies cover a group, and are typically called a long-term disability or policy. A policy purchased directly from an insurance company that just covers you is typically referred to as an individual disability insurance policy.

When an employer or insurer denies long-term disability benefits coverage, you need a lawyer experienced in navigating and prevailing in these often-complex disputes. Attorney Todd Brenner represents clients in a variety of long-term disability claims disputes across Ohio and surrounding states. Regardless of how firm and apparently final your claim denial has been, we can help.

Filing for long-term disability or short-term disability benefits, ERISA benefits for health care and pensions, or other employee benefits, is often difficult and fraught with challenges. A Dublin, Ohio employee benefit lawyer can help you file initial claims and avoid errors and can help you file an administrative appeal of a denied claim.

An experienced employee benefit lawyer can help document your disability claim, prepare you for inquiries and represent you in appeals hearings and in litigation. Todd Brenner knows how important a long-term disability claim can be. In many situations, the future financial well-being for you and your family hangs in the balance. Because the stakes are so high, Todd provides aggressive representation in claims appeals to obtain full and fair compensation and benefits for you.

The processes of claiming long-term disability benefits can be extremely confusing and even more frustrating. Often, employees whose disabilities make it impossible for them to continue working find that their coverage is far less than they expected. Many have their claims denied outright and do not know how to navigate the additional complexities of the appeals process. 

A skilled employee benefit lawyer can help improve the chances of your claim being resolved favorably by analyzing your situation and developing a strategy even before your claim is filed. We will assist you with filling out claim forms along with reviewing your medical records and recommending any additional doctor’s visits or medical tests that might make your claim stronger. By documenting the continuing eligibility of your condition and filing for an administrative disability appeal quickly will help if your claim is denied. Your long-term disability attorney encourages preparing evidence and obtaining expert witness testimony. You then take the case to court, if necessary.

Dublin, Ohio employee benefit lawyer Todd Brenner has handled hundreds of ERISA and employee benefit cases and is very familiar with the complicated ERISA rules. In fact, Todd has taught other attorneys around the country about employee benefit claims and lawsuits. Contact Brenner Hubble LLC. today for a free consultation.

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