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ERISA Lawyer Columbus, OH with grandparents playing soccer with grandkids on a beachAs a trusted Columbus, OH ERISA lawyer understands, when you expect certain benefits from your company and you are denied those benefits when you need them most, this can feel devastating. When a company offers some kind of 401(k) or pension plan, it has certain obligations to comply with ERISA. This is not typically an issue until employees need to use their benefits and realize that they are inaccessible to them. If this sounds familiar and you believe you are being unjustly denied these benefits, you should seek help from the team at Brenner Law Offices. 


What should I do when I fill out my ERISA application? 


When you are applying for benefits, it would be prudent to get the help of a lawyer before you even get going. Although it is possible to reverse a denial, working with a Columbus ERISA lawyer before you even start can yield the best outcome for you. Your lawyer can help you navigate the application and help you gather the right documents. When you are gathering evidence for your application, you will want to get: 


  • Your medical records

  • Any accident reports that may be applicable

  • Your employee information, including where you work, your position, how long you have been there, etc.

  • What kind of treatment you are undergoing and how long your treatment may need to last

  • What your plan information is and what your retirement contributions are

  • Other documentation your lawyer believes is applicable to your case 


What if my ERISA application was denied?


You absolutely still have options, but the road can be more difficult. There are many reasons that your application may have been denied, whether it is a legitimate reason or for something as small as a missing date or signature. If you believe you still have a case for your benefits and would like to appeal this denial, you should speak with your lawyer as soon as possible and prepare to request a hearing for your appeal before a judge. 


Unfortunately with an appeal, you should not rely on anyone else–like your insurance company–to help provide you with the records you need. Working with a lawyer through the appeals process is crucial because they will understand what kinds of documents you need, who to get them from, and when you will need to file your appeal. 


When it comes to getting the benefits you rightly deserve, you should never go into an application thinking that insurance companies are going to play fair. Though it may seem depressing, assume any insurance company you work with will have their bottom line in mind, not your health. Your lawyer, on the other hand, will fight for you every step of the way. 


Where can I turn for help with my Employee Retirement Income Security Act application? 


When you are dealing with ERISA issues and you need help with your initial application or an appeal, reach out to Brenner Law Offices to speak with our team now. Our Columbus ERISA lawyer is here to help you today. 

Understanding ERISA And Its Importance

ERISA can be confusing, but your Columbus ERISA lawyer can bring you up to speed. At Brenner Law Offices, we’ve been helping clients for over 25 years – and now we’re ready to help you. Read on, and learn more about the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

Key Provisions Of Erisa

ERISA requires plans to provide participants with information about plan features and funding, and it mandates fiduciary responsibilities for those who manage and control plan assets. This law is designed to ensure that plan funds are protected and delivered in the most beneficial manner to the participants.

One of the critical elements of ERISA is the requirement for accountability of plan fiduciaries. ERISA imposes high standards of conduct on fiduciaries, who must act solely in the interest of plan participants and beneficiaries. For instance, those managing the plan assets are required to avoid conflicts of interest, ensuring that all decisions are made with the beneficiaries’ best interests in mind.

Protections Offered By Erisa

ERISA offers a number of protections for employees. For example, it ensures that individuals who are eligible for coverage cannot be unjustly denied benefits. It also provides the right to sue for benefits and breaches of fiduciary duty. Moreover, if a benefit plan is mismanaged, ERISA provides mechanisms for participants to seek remedies.

The law also ensures that participants receive a summary of their plan, including information about when they are eligible to participate, how benefits are calculated, how to file a claim for benefits, and what recourse is available if a claim is denied. This transparency is crucial in helping participants understand their rights and the details of their benefits. Fortunately, your ERISA lawyer can ensure you’re rights are protected.

Erisa And Retirement Plans

When it comes to retirement plans, ERISA’s influence is substantial. It regulates the administration of these plans, including the processing of claims and the timing of benefit payments. This oversight helps to prevent the misuse of funds and ensures that the future retirements of workers are secure. For many employees, understanding how their retirement plans are protected by ERISA gives them peace of mind about their financial futures.

Compliance And Challenges

For employers, compliance with ERISA involves several detailed provisions, from the manner in which plan information is disclosed to how records are kept and reported. Failure to comply with ERISA can result in substantial penalties. This highlights the need for businesses to be thorough in their administration of employee benefits plans.

Erisa Claims And Appeals

If an ERISA claim is denied, the law requires that the plan provides a detailed explanation of why the claim was denied and information on how to challenge the decision. This is where the appeals process comes into play, which is an essential provision for protecting participants’ rights. The process must be adhered to strictly, providing a fair method for resolving disputes regarding plan benefits.

How Brenner Law Offices Can Assist

ERISA regulations can be complex, but you do not have to manage them alone. Contact Brenner Law Offices today, and see how an ERISA attorney from our team can help.

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