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For any participant — as an at fault party, or as a hapless victim — involved in a motor vehicle accident, a dilemma, or at the very least an uncertain choice, or a choice where the options are unclear and uncertain, arises: “Should I just let the insurance handle it, or should I retain an experienced seasoned personal injury attorney?” The reader may see where this article is going, but there are solid common sense reasons that illustrate why it simply doesn’t make sense to just let the insurance company “handle it” according to a personal injury lawyer with our friend Attorney Eric T. Kirk.  

Post-Accident Fallout

Accidents are by nature, unanticipated, unintended, and unforeseen events. Car accidents, wrecks, and collisions are no different. Indeed, it is often the consternation, frustration, and sometimes exasperation that those involved in motor vehicle accidents experience that is the most significant effect of the event. The person involved in a motor vehicle accident may, or, may not be injured. They may, or, may not have transportation to get to and from work, to take their children to school, or to go on family vacations. They may not be able to work, thereby potentially missing paychecks and causing additional hardship on the family. They may have to take their vehicle to multiple inspection facilities or wait while their vehicle is repaired. 

Lawyers Provide Invaluable Support & Guidance Post-Accident

No doubt one of these burdens would be frustrating. When all of them are present, many of those injured in an automobile accident feel lost, helpless, and distressed. While that outcome is not necessarily experienced across all ends of the spectrum, even those having a relatively good experience often feel put-out, inconvenienced, or aggravated. The option for such a person to just simply let a lawyer handle it rather than letting an insurance company handle it is perhaps the best choice.

Exercise caution with insurance companies:

Keep in mind as well that an insurance company, acting through its agents, directors, managers, and employees collectively, may make a decision that their insured person disagrees with, but may also be adverse to their interests. 

As an example: What are your options if your insurance company determines you are at fault for an accident? What if you disagree with that determination and indeed adamantly feel otherwise? What if your contention is that the other person involved caused the accident and injured you? What if, in fact, you wish to bring a legal claim against them, but your insurance company has adjusted the loss and made payments to the other side based on their determination? What if you disagree with a monetary settlement being paid to the person you wish to sue? What options do you have? What are your rights and responsibilities in this situation? 

Entrust your claim to a reputable personal injury lawyer.

While at the outset, it might make sense to let the insurance “handle it”, you may regret the choice.  The better question in the scenarios may well be, “Why would I not just let the personal injury attorney handle it, rather than going through the insurance company?”

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