Common Questions About Long Term Disability

Is My Medical Condition Considered Disabling?

Any medical condition that makes it difficult for you to perform your job can be classified as a disabling condition. However, you are required to have proof that you will no longer be able to perform your job. You will have to get documentation from a physician. You may also be required to provide a copy of your medical records.

How do I File For Long Term Disability?

You can ask your employer for a long term disability application. If you are unable to do that, or if they cannot provide you with one, you likely can also find them online. You are required to fill out the Employee’s Statement, and your employer will need to fill out part of the form as well.

 What Do I Need to Do After I File My Claim?

The insurance company will let you know if they have received your claim. They will notify you by mail or via phone. They will ask you a series of questions. How you answer the questions is crucial. That is why it is a good idea for you to contact a long term disability lawyer in Dublin before speaking with the insurance company. A Dublin long term disability attorney knows how to navigate through these types of cases and will be able to counsel you as well.

What Should I Do If My Benefits Are Denied?

It can be difficult to receive disability benefits. That is why there is a possibility that your benefits may be denied. An experienced disability attorney can help you if your claims have been denied. With the aid of a skilled attorney, you will be able to file an appeal.

How Can an Attorney Help?

A qualified attorney can represent you and also speak to the insurance company on your behalf. Many people do not hire an attorney unless they have been denied benefits. However, you should hire an attorney before you attempt to file a claim.

A skilled long term disability attorney in Dublin, will be able to give you advise in your specific situation. Do not hesitate to get the professional help you need. Contact Brenner Law Offices LLC today.

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