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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Dublin, OH

Attorney Todd Brenner has substantial experience in many aspects of personal injury law, including motor vehicle and trucking accidents, back and brain injuries, wrongful death, premises liability and uninsured motorists claims. Todd has over twenty five years of experience defending these claims, but has also represented many individuals seeking compensation for injuries they have sustained from motor vehicle accidents. In 2019, Todd was recognized as one of the Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys in Ohio, an accomplishment achieved by less than 1% of active attorneys.

As the testimonials demonstrate, Todd has gained the confidence and admiration of the clients he has represented over the years. He prides himself on providing valuable insight on every case and offers direct and candid advice for each and every client. No two cases are the same, and when engaging an attorney, it is important to know that your attorney has not only the experience but the candor to express both the strengths and weaknesses of that particular case.

Client Testimonials

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I can say from my experience that Todd is a diligent attorney and an expert in insurance law. The results...

— Craig K.

I am confident in saying there is no better ERISA disability attorney in central Ohio than Todd Brenner.

— Mark J.

I appreciate Todd’s skill and expertise in the areas of insurance and personal injury law. I would recommend him to...

— Brew R.

Todd is a true superstar in his field. He cares deeply about his work and the people he represents.

— Colinda S

Todd is a true professional. I have truly enjoyed working with him over the last several years.

— Robert R.

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