Common Questions For A Car Crash Lawyer


There are many types of car accident cases, as a lawyer who has knowledge of that practice area can attest to. If you have been injured in any kind of accident, whether it’s a car accident, truck accident, medical malpractice or other experience, you may be entitled to compensation. The only way to know for certain is to discuss your case with a lawyer. They will assess your case so that you can find out if you have a valid case and can obtain compensation. Here are some common questions many clients have during a consultation. 


What should I do if I get injured in an accident? 

Taking the right steps after an accident is critical. If you have sustained an injury after being involved in a car accident, there are certain things that you can do to stay safe and protect your rights. Pull over and call 911 so that first responders can come to the scene. Obtain the driver’s contact information but be careful not to share too many details that could harm your case or make it sound like you are admitting fault. 


What can happen if I choose not to hire a lawyer? 

There are several risks to not hiring a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer to guide you with your personal injury claim. The insurance company will not be on your side, and they will do what they can to avoid having to pay you what you deserve because it will be more costly for them. You can make mistakes that can harm the strength of your claim, such as missing information, failing to provide sufficient evidence, or filling out important documents incorrectly. 


Can I get full compensation?

Many accident victims are concerned if they partially contributed to the car accident because they think they might not be able to get any compensation. You should know that in many states, they allow victims to be eligible to recover at least some of their losses. It is possible for you to recover a portion of compensation if you have partial fault in the accident. Determining liability in a car accident is a complex process, so allow a lawyer to do the work for you. 


What should I do if I am blamed for the accident? 

On top of having to deal with recovery, an accident can result in expenses that can be hard to pay off, as a lawyer knows too well. As a car crash lawyer can explain to you, like one at  Barry P. Goldberg, anything you say to the driver or to law enforcement after an accident can be used against you. If you are not sure what to say, you can remain silent until a lawyer is present. 

Talk to a lawyer so that you can make the best decisions for your case and increase your compensation amount. Explore your legal options and talk to a lawyer that you can trust to take care of your case by scheduling a consultation now. For more information about how a lawyer can help you, schedule a consultation now. 

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