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In the days and weeks following a loved one’s passing, one of the most challenging things to take care if often securing the life insurance benefits. Filing a claim may not be as simple as you thought, or you may have had a claim denied for no good reason. If you’re in this situation, an experienced Columbus, OH, life insurance lawyer can help you. We can file the initial claim for you, making sure that no errors or omissions cause a delay in processing it. We’re here to take this burden off your shoulders while grieving.

Perhaps you’ve already filed your claim, only to receive a denial letter. Or, maybe your claim is being unnecessarily delayed, and you and your family are in financial straits waiting for the approval. The attorneys at Brenner Law Office take on insurance companies every day—we know how to navigate the claims denial or delay maze, and we’re here to help you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

What Does A Columbus Life Insurance Attorney Do?

When you purchase a life insurance policy, you assume that your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries will receive the benefits after you pass. Unfortunately, many families get the run-around from the insurance carrier with denial letters, delays, or outright lack of communication. Insurance companies focus on their bottom line – not always paying out claims quickly.

We’re very familiar with the reasons life insurance companies give for delaying or denying claims, and we know how to counter each one. Perhaps you’re getting requests for additional documents, or the documents you send aren’t processed in a timely manner. Or, maybe the insurance carrier is denying the claim because of missing or inaccurate information. We can help you fix any errors with your claim or appeal a denial. As your Columbus life insurance lawyers, we’re here to simplify this complex process.

Helping You Secure Your Life Insurance Benefits

We can help you and your family with a life insurance claim in many ways. Allow us to handle the communications with the life insurance company so you and your family can grieve in peace. We thoroughly review the entire policy and all letters or emails you have received from the carrier. Then, we evaluate the reason for the denial or delay. We may be able to correct a simple error or submit additional documents to get your claim processed quickly.

We also evaluate the reasons the insurance carrier has given for not paying out the full policy benefits amount. This may involve dispute resolution, and we’re happy to handle that on your behalf, as well. Many people feel overwhelmed or emotional when dealing with the life insurance company after a loved one passes away, and we understand. Allow us to escalate the claim for you and demand a re-review or appeal of a denial.

Experience Life Insurance Lawyers, Fighting For You

Do you need help getting the life insurance benefits you’re entitled to but are encountering difficulties from the insurance carrier? Turn to the life insurance lawyers from Brennan Law Offices. We represent Columbus families just like you every day, and we’re well aware of tricks insurance companies like to pull. Call us today for a free consultation.

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