ERISA & Disability

For 25 years, Attorneys Todd Brenner and Adam Hubble have litigated claims governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, most commonly known as ERISA. Under this law, claims for disability, life insurance and health insurance are usually decided in federal court. The court generally is responsible for reviewing a claims decision made by the administrator of the benefit plan maintained by the claimant’s employer. The administrator usually is an insurance company that has sold a group policy to the employer.

Collectively, Todd Brenner and Adam Hubble have litigated over 800 ERISA cases in their careers, spanning 15 federal jurisdictions, including all federal courts in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. The vast majority of these cases have involved claims for long term disability benefits.

In the world of ERISA litigation, which often is riddled with complex and confusing legal issues, it is important to have a litigator with proven and battle-tested experience. There are very few, if any, other attorneys in central Ohio with Todd and Adam’s experience and expertise in this area.

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